The elements that make up the human body, according to the influence on these by magnetic fields are divided into:

  1. Diamagnetic elements: elements that are affected little by the magnetic fields. Such elements are healthy cell membranes.

  2. Paramagnetic elements: these elements are affected by the magnetic field and can be converted into magnetic dipoles orientated in the same direction of the field.

  3. Ferromagnetic elements: these elements are mostly located near the bones of the base of the head, the pituitary, the pineal gland and central nervous system. Characterized by the presence in these of regions where the magnetic dipoles have a common orientation. These elements gain strong magnetic properties when found in a field, which are retained when the field no longer exists.

     When there is a disorder in the body, there are large amounts of paramagnetic elements in it, while a potential difference is created between a sick and a healthy region. Most of paramagnetic elements occur because some diamagnetic elements convert into paramagnetic ones. By applying magnetic fields, a balance of paramagnetic elements is achieved and therefore the rehabilitation of diseases.

The pulsed magnetic field (nanopulses) penetrates the body evenly, unaffected and alters rapidly, it is generated and disappeared in minimum time. According to Faraday's law about induction,  a quenching magnetic field leaves behind in its place a circular electric field. In that way, deep inside a tissue electric nanopulses are generated. Nanopulses affect the intracellular traffic of ions, i.e. increase the permeability of cell membranes. The result is a reduction of swelling and pain, the rapid removal of products of metabolism, increasing oxygen supply locally, and regional movement nerves regain their proper function.


     So far, no adverse effect by the application of Magnetic Fields has been reported and the results are only positive. Finally, the fact that magnetotherapy does not cause temperature raise of the exposed tissues must be underlined.