Technical Specifications

Input voltage 120/230/240 Volts-AC 50/60Hz
Fuse 10Amps
Power 2500VA (1500W) MAX
Output Complex-Pulsed Induction Magnetic Field, as per oscillogram, with continuously decaying intensity during each complex-pulse, instantaneous initial peak 10000 ampere-turns max, corresponding to 480Gauss (MAX), modulated by atmospheric plasma oscillations, PAP method.
Energy per pulse 96 Joules (MAX)
Frequency Continuous Fourier Harmonic components from 0,2 MHz to 300 MHz. (PEAK AT 240kHz)
Effective range Within 15 cm at full power, diminishing proportionally to the third power of distance.
Weight ~80kg

Papimi is a class IIα device type BF. The device is equipped with multiple parallel safety systems, so that the possibility of accident is practically zero.

Electronic devices and metallic objects must not be inside the effective range of the field. Before application, electronic devices (e.g.. mobile/wireless phones, keys, remote controllers, etc) and metallic objects (e.g. jewelry, belts etc.) must be removed away.

The device has a mechanical arm-holder (optional) for the application coil (probe) and two types of application coils (probes):

Two turns Cylindrical coil.

Four turns Spiral coil.